Youlab.Me - a chemical database service with structure search

Youlab.Me is a chemical database with structure search. It is a growing chemical fact database which is expanded by automatic processing of public sources. And more, it is a place where you can create your own databases and list your products!

With Youlab.Me, you can build and maintain your own chemical structure databases of any complexity, and for any use. For example, you can do an inventory of chemicals at your lab. You can create a list of compounds you use in your project. Or you can create a list of chemicals for sale.

Our service fits both individuals, institutional researchers, and companies. Learn how you can benefit from using YouLab.Me.

Youlab.Me for researchers

You can maintain a list of chemicals you have in your lab, including structures, locations, and other information. Information about each compound can be customized - if you need to add 'purity' or for example 'color' field, you can do it. You can upload spectra and photos, and attach them to the compounds. Then, you can share it with your colleagues, who can either be read-only users, or make changes to the chemical database with you.

The database is fully chemistry-aware, so everything is structure-searchable. A variety of sharing and co-working options are available too.

And this is all for free!

Youlab.Me for sellers and companies

We can host a catalog of your products here on our web site, where people can search through the offers by structure and other parameters. Due to our search engine optimization efforts, people will find your offers here more often via search engines.

And in most cases, we can even extract your products from your web site or catalog automatically. No need to spend time typing and drawing structures. To use this option, please contact us - we will index your web site, and take care of maintaining your catalog online.

After listing with us, people can find your products in the database by structure search.

Listing on our web site is free of charge for companies. An online sales platform will be built soon ontop of the existing functionality. We are doing our best to become #1 chemical marketplace on the web!

Join now or explore our quick-start guide!