Privacy policy

Privacy of web service users

Youlab.Me respects the right of users to maintain their privacy, and applies a lot of technical effort to maintain personal data and private catalogs confidential.

Under no circumstance can the personal data and private catalogs be transferred to any third party without user consent unless such transfer to authorized governmental agency is demanded by law.

The web site uses cookies which are required to maintain web server sessions. The cookies are not used to identify users personally.

Privacy of data providers

Youlab.Me features an automated crawler that collects chemical information from public internet pages, and composes its reference database of compounds and their properties.

The crawler respects robots.txt standard. Potential data providers may exclude their website or parts from listing by including:

UserAgent: YoulabMe
Disallow: [path]

in their robots.txt configuration.

If you would like to exclude your web site content from Youlab.Me, please contact us.