Sharing your data was specially designed to facilitate co-authoring and sharing of the data.

If your catalog is public, everyone can view it. However, if it is private, an access to view it must be given explicitly.

You can also give some people rights to edit catalog contents.

To invite people to your catalog, navigate to catalog main page, and click Configure catalog button.

Configure catalog

On the options page, there is a block named User list. If you are an owner of the catalog, you can control who has access to it.

To add a user to your catalog, click Add user button. Enter the email of the user. If the email is not registered with, an invitation will be sent to email to join and get access to the catalog.

If the user is already registered, she/he will get an access to the catalog.

User list

Access level can be specified as either Coauthor or Reader. Readers can get read-only access to private catalogs. Coauthors can add, modify, and delete chemicals, and edit the fields. They cannot change catalog settings or remove the catalog. There is one owner of the catalog, who has full control of the catalog - this is who has created the catalog.

You can transfer the ownership of your catalog to another account by clicking your email in User list block, next to Owner, and enter email of user existing in the system. Be careful - after clicking blue tick button, the catalog will be transferred to another owner, and you will no longer be able to administer it or get it back.