Data fields

Fields are configured within catalog and can hold miscellaneous information.

Sample fields

The following field types now exist:

  • Text - some long text like description
  • Short text - some title or caption
  • Integer - a whole number, like count of something
  • Float - real value, like most physical values.
  • Amount - amount of chemical compound with units (L, mL, kg, g, mg, etc). Units can be configured at catalog level.
  • Price - pricing information, which includes catalog number, amount (value and unit, similar to Amount type), and price with currency.
  • Date - for example, an expiry date for a chemical
  • Image - a photo, spectrum, or other graphical data
  • File - some arbitrary file. For example, exprimental data for the compound.

Every field can be configured as a collection to handle multiple values. For example, price collection can hold data about several available packages with prices.