Creating your catalog

To create your catalog, first sign up - this is free, and takes less than one minute.

After logging in, navigate to catalogs.


Then, click the Add catalog button at the top right.

Add catalog

In the following dialog, enter catalog name and description. The Catalog preset option allows to select one of the typical catalog configurations:

  • Sale catalog is useful for companies selling chemicals. This preset makes the catalog public, enables selling option, adds pricing fields
  • Lab inventory preset is for keeping track of chemicals in a laboratory. It creates a private catalog, disables selling by default (selling some items will be still allowed), and adds Amount field, along with a few fields to specify physical location of the vessel.
  • Custom creates a catalog without any default fields.

It is possible to alter all catalog settings and fields at any time after it is created. The presets just makes it easier to make a pre-configured catalog.

Add catalog

After clicking Create catalog button, an empty catalog is created.