Adding compounds

Navigate to your catalog page (top menu Dashboard -> Catalogs and click your catalog name).

Add compound

Click Add chemical button to add a record to this catalog. The window will open, prompting to enter title.

Add compound box

After clicking Add catalog item, a new record will be added to your catalog. The system tries to guess structure from name to save structure drawing time. Most proper systematic IUPAC names, as well as a number of trivial names found in reference catalog are successfully converted to structures. If the conversion was not successful, a structure editor will show up.

The fields are editable in place. To change value, just click a value with a dotted underline. To revert and abandon changes, click the grey cancel button. To save, click blue tick button.

Edit compound page

All changes are saved automatically, so there is no save button for all the values. After you are done with the editing, you can either switch to view mode, add another compound, or clone the existing record.

Edit mode buttons

These buttons are visible when you have enough rights to edit the catalog.