Publishing and selling chemicals

It is easy to make your catalog visible to all other people and to sell items from it. There are global settings

To make catalog public, on your catalog page, click Privacy, set it to Public, and click the blue tick button. This will make the catalog visible to all website visitors, and search engines.


Configure button


To hide the catalog from other people, set Privacy to Private. The catalog will be hidden from other website visitors, and search engines. From the same page, you can select people who can view it - take a look at our tutorial on data sharing.

Another setting, Sell chemicals from this catalog, controls if the new items created will be sold by defult. If you are selling chemicals, you probably need setting this to yes, and if you just create a list of inventory - to no. However, you still can still override selling option at the level of item - for example, list an item from your inventory catalog.

If you created your catalog from a template, these options have been already set to appropriate values. You can change them from catalog settings page at any time.

The individual setting which actually determines if the compound is listed for sale or not (This item is for sale) is located on the chemical page. You can change it in edit mode.


compound selling option


Another option, Status, is useful for hiding individual items from catalog. They will not be visible unless they are Published.