Terms of use

Youlab.Me is a service that allows users to create their catalogs of chemical structures for various purposes. The service is available for both commercial and non-commercial users, and most functionality is free for all users.

Users are encouraged to collaborate and share their databases, and to list the chemicals for sale.

Account limits

Current limits for an account is 100,000 chemicals and 500 Mb for attached files. These limits can be lifted upon agreement with Youlab.Me.

Illegal activity

Users are not allowed to use Youlab.Me for illegal activities such as selling illicit drugs, explosives, chemical warfare, as well as components, igredients and precursors for the manufacturing of such chemicals. Users committed to violation of this term will be banned without prior notice. If you are aware of any illegal activity with Youlab.Me, please contact us.


Most of website content is created by Youlab.Me users. Users are responsible for respecting third party copyright while creating their own chemical catalogs.

No part of Youlab.Me website content can be reproduced without a link to original Youlab.Me website page.